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Data + Acute

The Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing includes this comment about data (it appears in the entry for information:

“People or computers can find patterns in data to perceive information, and information can be used to enhance knowledge. Since knowledge is prerequisite to wisdom, we always want more data and information. But, as modern societies verge on information overload, we especially need better ways to find patterns.” © Denis Howe (@denishowe)

To be acute is to be marked by keen discernment or intellectual perception, especially of subtle distinctions. “Cute”, the abbreviated version of the word, has come to mean both shrewd and attractively small.

The portmanteau word Datacute has been chosen to represent my specialty: producing efficient tools and systems to assist with incisive data analysis.


There is currently nothing to read, download, or comment on at this site, apart from this growing list of posts, as I convert them from Wordpress:

Boxy Numbers

My previous post “Basic Primes in Scala” ended with some ideas of how to salvage some use out of the algorithm. I mentioned representing the numbers as concentric circles. Playing around with a text editor, I converted some of the numbers to arrangements of concentric squares.

Basic Primes in Scala

I’ve started learning Scala. One way I learn is by reading and experimenting, so I looked for a simple program I could write in the right problem space to make use of language features expressed more succinctly in Scala than in Java.

What is a good title for a first blog post?

This is my first post. It was created automatically by WordPress, but I’ve edited it.